Home Energy Management System
Protect, Improve, & Extend the Life of Your Electronics and Appliances.

You Have a Power Problem

Power surges are not the only threat to your home’s power and your valuable electronics and appliances. The power running through your home is also vulnerable to electrical noise and wasted energy. This daily power degradation means inefficient electrical consumption and severe wear and tear on your electronics and appliances.

The Complete Solution

Photo of TRIPCON TCR2-30-N3-240-ST

Wall Mount & Flush Mount Options Available

Surge Protection

Six way surge protection to guard against surges & spikes both big and small for the most complete protection conceivable.

Power Factor Optimization

Capturing energy wasted by electric motors and returning it for use on your system means increased efficiency and performance.

Harmonic Filtration

Premium filtration of harmonics (noise) created by electronics and lights means better performance and longer useful life.

Reasons to Use TRIPCON

Electric Motor Efficiency

Every motor running in your home consumes reactive current to operate, but many do so inefficiently. When a motor uses current inefficiently, it is said to have a poor Power Factor, meaning that it wastes energy. Power Factor Optimization can lead to energy savings through reduced line losses, switching losses, and coupling losses.

Mitigate Lightning Damage

According to the Insurance Information Institute lightning related damage cost homeowners in the United States of America over $1 billion in 2010 alone. Do you have adequate protection for your valuable electronics and appliances?

Helps Alternative Energy

TRIPCON is the perfect compliment to your alternative energy solutions. Using a TRIPCON unit can help make your alternative energy solution more efficient while protecting your long-term investments.

10 Year | $100,000 Warranty

We stand behind our systems. TRIPCON equipment is designed to sacrifice itself to save your sensitive electronics and when it does, we'll replace your units up to ten years down the road. If it fails to protect, we'll pay for damaged electronics and appliances, up to $100,000!

Ready to Start Saving?