Ken Harouff – National Field Manager

Photo of Ken HarouffKen Harouff is National Field Manager with TRIPCON and has been on our team since 2008.
His work history includes twenty years as an electrical-mechanical technician in the Copier/Printer industry earning awards in field service, troubleshooting, and training and growing from a warehouse employee to the senior management level, spending six years as a senior manager at Toshiba. During his tenure in the Copier/Printer industry Ken prioritized skill development, completing over forty technical courses including teaching technical topics. He also completed dozens of management seminars, notably Liberation Management training. When he transitioned to the power conditioning industry, he immersed himself into hundreds of hours of research into power problems and their appropriate solutions. At TRIPCON, Ken has provided valuable insight into our product development and engineering work flow, bringing a unique perspective from his experience in the field surveying hundreds of facilities for power conditioning solutions. His primary responsibilities include surveying facilities and engineering solutions, training on installation, and assisting in product development. Living in Louisville, Kentucky with his family of four, Ken is involved with the local Knights of Columbus. He also served with the Washoe County Search & Rescue and is very active with his local church community.